Performances of note

Television appearances

  • Manoto TV Norouz programme, London (2013)
  • Manoto TV Shabe Yalda and Mehregan programmes, London (2010, 2012)
  • BBC Persia (Asia House), Voice of America (Jaleh Foundation) (2013)

Museums and cultural institutions

  • Victoria and Albert Museum Norouz event, London (2015 – forthcoming)
  • Courtauld Gallery Court and Craft Late Event, London (2014)
  • Closing event of the 2014 Nour Festival, Ismaili Centre, London (2014)
  • Asia House Love and Marriage event, London (2013)
  • Wijktheater Musica Mehregan Concert, Rotterdam (2013)
  • Closing event of the 2013 Nour Festival, Leighton House, London (2013)
  • Ely Cathedral Circle the World event, Ely (2012)
  • Precious Afghanistan event for Afghanaid, London (2012)
  • Inaugural event of the Iran Heritage Foundation Shahnameh Exhibition, London (2010)
  • Magic of Persia Norouz family weekend, British Museum, London (2010)
  • British Museum Shah Abbas exhibition, London (2009)

Collaborations with musicians

  • London Persian Music Festival with Nasser Kondazi and Jamshid Rezaie, London (2013)
  • Norouz concert with Kamran Joya, London (2012)
  • Numerous appearances with Behnam Alipour & Ahoura (2011-2013)
  • In Search of Simorgh (The Conference of the Birds) with Malik Tebrizli, Hamidreza Rasti, Imamyar Hasanov, Rufat Hasanov, and the Laban Contemporary Dance Centre, London (2010)

Major community and charity events

  • Norouz and Eid concerts for the Afghan Human Rights Organization, London (2012-present)
  • Iranian Medical Charity Norouz gala (2014)
  • Norouz concerts for the Hafez School and Rostam School, London (2013-present)
  • Sizdah Bedar concerts and gala events for the Iran’s Children’s Charity (2010-present)
  • Kurdish Women’s Festival, London (2013)
  • Community performances for the Olympic Torch event, International Refugee Week and International Women’s Day, Cambridge (2010-2014)


Please note that Ziba does not charge a fee for a performance on behalf of a charity. She also charges a reduced fee to student organizations and has appeared at a number of university cultural events in Cambridge, London, Sheffield and Nottingham.